HSK Insurance Solution helps individuals select and structure affordable health insurance policies that will best meet their coverage needs. Whether it’s a comprehensive major medical policy or simply a short-term plan, our agents have the skill and knowledge to help find the best option for you and your family. We also offer supplemental insurance that includes an array of life, accident, critical illness, and dental options.

The Process

  • We find out your insurance needs and goals.
  • We explain the coverage options (deductibles, copays, prescription card, etc.).
  • We search various carriers offering coverage in your state.
  • We offer innovative ideas and options to keep your premiums affordable while still meeting all your needs.
  • We help you apply for coverage by filling out all necessary documentation.
  • Once you are approved, we remain your Agency from that point forward, always here to answer questions or help make adjustments in the future.

Health Insurance

In 2014 every American will be required to have a health insurance policy or be subject to a penalty. There will be several mediums from which an individual can find and purchase coverage. HSK Insurance Solutions is contracted with all of the major carriers to help people with this process. Our unique approach and extensive industry knowledge allow us to help make this process easier every step of the way.

Supplemental Insurance

With the rising cost of health insurance people are absorbing more financial exposure than ever before. A supplemental insurance policy pays out benefits on accidents, critical illness and other unforeseen events, and is a great way to protect yourself from large out-of-pocket expenditures. Our experienced agents can help you determine if supplemental coverage is right for you.

Short Term Coverage

Short Term major medical plans function similarly to long term plans, but are for a fixed period of time. The advantage of short term major medical is the policies are often more affordable and easier to obtain. With the new legislation and the rising cost of long term policies these are becoming a much more viable option for many people.